Friday, 7 November 2014

--Black Opal True Colour Stick Foundations--

Hey Guys,
 I know I have really been slacking with Blogging and Instagram updates lately but I have been a little busy and haven't really been feeling inspired either. I haven't been feeling too good and honestly I have been a little lazy but I am back on it  now and I have quite a few things lined up to share with you guys, so...
A few days ago I received some products from Black Opal. I have heard a lot of good things about this brand and their stick foundations in particular so when I was able to get some I was 100% down to try them. I picked out 4 shades to start with but I believe they hold 12 shades in total.

 (Truly Topaz, Nutmeg, Beautiful Bronze & Carob)

Coverage & product claims
Although the site says this is a full coverage product I say it is medium coverage but definitely buildable.
The website claims this particular foundation is their best seller and also claims the hypoallergenic formula helps to protect skin from UVA/UVB damage and smoothly camouflage problem areas. It delivers the maximum coverage for perfect, even skin tone. It won't clog pores and blends smoothly to give you the flawless face you've always wanted. Paraben-Free, Fragrance-Free...



Truly Topaz

Beautiful Bronze

Price & Packaging
I believe the current price of these sticks are £8.99 in the UK or somewhere around that mark so it is affordable and for something that I would rate a 4/5 that is quality bargaining.
The packaging on this foundation is Ok. I am not a huge fan of it but I guess it is decent for its price, It is a sleek all black tube that twists up to get the product out. It feels very sturdy at the moment but I can tell that the cap will loose its hold and will become loose. I got these foundations to try for myself but I will most likely put them to use in my kit for clients. I will melt them and hold them in palettes too make it easier to carry and then I wont have to worry about them breaking.

Overall thoughts
 I did try these foundations on myself and overall I like them, they are great for Contouring & Highlighting and I  like that they are medium- full coverage but still feels super light on the skin. They blend really easily with a damp brush or beauty blender and also photograph beautifully. The only con I can give this is when using it under the eyes as a highlight it does crease a lot as you can see in the photo but to be honest I experience creasing with most products so that is not too much of an issue for me, just make sure you set your under eye concealer well with a fine powder. So again I give this product a 4/5. I also noticed that it has a slight smell to it nothing too strong but it does have a very interesting smell, does not bother me too much but thought I would share anyway.I will be doing an update on my final thoughts of this product after using it for a while.
Have you tried this product?
 what are your thoughts on it and do you have any tips on how to get a flawless application.


  1. hi,

    where did u get them from?

    1. Hi, They were sent to me but I am sure you can purchase them on x