Monday, 30 March 2015

"You are Glowing" ~My favourite Highlighters

 Hey Guys,
 I was going through my highlight collection and thought I would share some of my favourites with you...
Sleek Face contour kit- Dark
Of all the Sleek Contour kits Dark seems to have the best highlight for my skin tone I tried Medium but felt it came off a little ashy, so this one is perfect and shows up a lot better.
KIKO Water Eyeshadow- 208
I saw on a lot of beauty bloggers claiming they really liked this KIKO shadow as a highlight. I was very reluctant to get it at first because it looked too light but when I tried it I really did fall for it, it is a beautiful tone with more of a silver sheen.
Suggestions- If you are a deeper skin tone like myself use very little of this product on a fluffy brush to diffuse the pigmentation.  

MAC Mineralise Skinfinish- Gold Deposit
This was my very first Highlight I used when I started wearing makeup religiously, I was pretty much sold when I saw it on a MAC employee who was of similar skin tone to myself, it is a bronze/copper tan shade with gold flecks and looks amazing on deeper skin tones. I will forever love this Highlight and if I could only have 1 of the many it would definitely be this one.

MAC Extra Dimension Skinfinish- Magnetic Appeal (Ltd edition)
I love this highlight as an everyday glow, this is my most natural looking highlight. It is a smooth finish and does not have any shimmer, it comes off like a gold/ peach sheen and goes on like butter giving a inner glow finish. perfect for tanned-deep skin.

Becca Shimmering Skin perfector- Topaz
I have already featured this product in a previous post so I will not go crazy expressing my love for this product, all I can say is if you are tan/deep skin toned this highlight is going to be beautiful ...

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