Friday, 3 April 2015

PICK 'n' MIX~ Foundation

Achieve Glowing Skin
I have been really into 'Skin' lately, trying to perfect my skills with making foundations look effortless and flawless. I wanted to practice achieving a flawless luminous look even with oily skin. I didn't want to spend money on any foundations that were specifically guided to creating a luminous glowing look because I am oily already, so then I started playing around with different combinations of moisturisers, fixers and foundations in aims of "faking" a luminous look.   
I chose some of my favourite Foundations and started mixing...
MAC Studio Sculpt
Estee Lauder Double wear
MAC Studio Fix Fluid
Fixers/ Moisturisers/Illuminators:
MAC Strobe Cream (Forgot to get a picture)
MAC Fix+
Giorgio Armani Fluid Sheer

1st Combination- MAC Strobe Cream + MAC Studio Sculpt + Studio Fix Fluid+Fix+

2nd Combination- Estee lauder Double Wear + Giorgio Armani Fluid Sheer + MAC Fix+
With both combinations I mixed equal parts of each foundation and used as little or as much of the Fluid sheer/ Strobe cream as  I needed, This is depending on how much of a glow you want to achieve and I personally was looking for something a little more natural. I would usually apply the Strobe cream directly to my face before adding a primer which I only apply to my nose and forehead. With the Fluid sheer I would mix this with my foundation on a mixing plate or on the back of hand, this allows me to get the product evenly distributed on my face, then I would spray my face with Fix+ twice, once after applying my foundation and then once after applying powders.  
Either way I was going with these products they made me look like I was glowing and that is what I wanted, it did not make me look greasy and I did not have to do extra blotting through the day, nothing more than I usually do. I am really obsessing over this new routine and will be trying it with other foundations I have not featured yet.

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