Saturday, 28 May 2016

Hygiene- Are you cleaning up?

It is so important that we are taking care of our skin and this means protecting the makeup products we put on it too.
 Are you cleaning your products regularly?
you could be applying a build up of bacteria to your skin daily if you are not cleaning the right way.
If not please take note on how and why you should be disinfecting your makeup products and the safe way to do so... 

(Mac Brush Cleanser, Boots Surgical spirit B.P)
Whether you are sharing makeup, using clean brushes or keeping an eye on the expiry date it is so important to clean and disinfect your products especially if you are a MUA. This will prevent the build up of bacteria on products causing skin problems such as breakouts or worse acne. I use the Boots surgical spirit, it retails for around £4.50 in the UK depending on the size of the bottle. All you need to do is find a empty spray bottle, any size I get mine from the pound shop and fill it up with the spirit and begin to spray a few pumps over my makeup products. This is a really good way to disinfect and does not affect to product or its texture. Your makeup will be exactly the same so do not be afraid to use this.
 You can use this on lipsticks, eye shadows, Pencils, Powder highlights or face powders and cream liners or anything in pots. The only products you cannot disinfect this way is Mascara, lip glosses and foundation  in bottles, ways to combat this would be to use a disposable mascara wand if you are sharing and making sure your foundation has a pump to avoid spreading bacteria, if it doesn't use a spatula. If you are using cream products you can purchase a spatula that will prevent double dipping and is much cleaner.
To clean your makeup brushes aside from washing them you can invest in a brush cleaner such as the one listed below, there are also cheaper options depending on what works for you, this will make it easier to spot clean.
To wash your brushes which I recommend doing weekly, you can use baby shampoo such as Johnsons baby shampoo mixed with olive oil or coconut oil to condition for soft bristles.


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