Tuesday, 21 October 2014

~~Lets Talk 'Foundation'- The Perfect Base

I know how difficult it can be when you are on the hunt for a foundation that caters to the needs of your Skin type, Texture, Shade and Undertone trust me I have been there. I have Oily combination skin which means I tend to get oily in my T zone (forehead and nose) and the rest of my skin is pretty normal. In a foundation I am usually looking for a Satin-Matte finish which does not feel too drying leaving me looking like cake face but enough to control my oiliness. I have had some people asking me about the foundation I use so I thought I would share with you my absolute favourite foundations of the moment and also some tips I have learnt to getting a flawless base.
These are the foundations I alternate between depending on the look I am going for. Although the majority of my foundations are Medium to Full coverage each of these can be used as sheer foundations by using less or adding a moisturiser to sheer it down.  

MAC Studio Fix Fluid- Full Covergae
Lancôme Teint Idole Ultra 24hr-Medium to Full coverage
MAC Studio Sculpt- Full Coverage
NARS Sheer Matte- Medium to Full Coverage 
Lancôme Teint Miracle (used with Giorgio Armani Fluid Sheer)- Medium to Full
First of all when looking for a foundation you want to consider your skin type, there are different skin types with every person so it is a good idea to find out what finish a foundation has before purchasing it, for example I will not use a foundation that contains oil because I have oily skin and it will look very unflattering. You may also want to consider your moisturiser e.g. if you have dry skin perhaps think about using something that has a natural oil to combat flaking under your makeup but then that is on your own preferences. You also want to make sure that you are being shade matched it may sound obvious but it is also important to get the perfect shade match which is closest to your skin for a flawless undetectable base, trust me I have seen some tragedies so really spend time thinking about your shade and also your skins undertones some people are more red, some yellow and some cool/ in-between.
Also you definitely might want to consider using a Primer, just as there are foundations for different skin types there are Primers for different skin types so shop around and find one that works for you. A Primer will ensure your makeup lasts a lot longer during the day and also gives a smooth surface to apply foundation onto. I alternate between Primers but my favourites at the moment is the MAC Prep+Prime Skin base visage, the Kiko MAT Base Primer and also the Kiko Perfect Base Primer which i use with the MAT Base Primer. 
Now you want to think about the foundation you want to use, to be honest the foundation you go for is entirely up to you, whether it be high-end or Drugstore. If it works for you that is all you need. I do not own any Drugstore foundations just because I have not found any that really works for me as I would like so I am still on the hunt. There are plenty of foundations out there each with different coverage and finishes. If you are new to makeup and are not sure what kind of makeup brand you want to go with find out if that specific brand provides samples, that way you can test the product out before making the decision to buy it or not.  Once you have found what works for you play around with it, try different methods to applying your foundation, consider Brushes or Beauty blenders and with that you will be able to manipulate the product to your liking and control the coverage. Once you have settled with your chosen foundation you can start looking into concealers and setting powders that will work with your foundation and skin. I will be doing a separate post on my recommended concealers and powders.

Using a Beauty Blender is the easiest way to get flawless coverage without having to worry about streaks, it really helps create that flawless airbrushed skin that is desired. This one is from Real Techniques and I believe is called the Miracle Complexion Sponge.

*Tip- Use the sponge to dab your foundation rather than dragging to get a flawless finish.  

Brushes are also a good idea, I love applying my foundation with buffing brushes that are dense this gives a beautiful finish to the skin and also ensures flawless coverage my current fave brush for foundation right now is also the Real Techniques Buffing Brush.

*Tip- Try using MAC Fix+ or a similar fixer on your brush and buff your foundation into your skin using circular motions this will help your foundation go further and blend easier.

Hope this helps...



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