Monday, 20 October 2014

--New Yankee Candles

I know this is not beauty related but hey I just wanted to share anyway :)
Ok so it is getting colder in London and I just realised November is just around the corner. I cannot believe how fast this year has flown by and Xmas is on its way pretty soon, its crazy but anyway I have been really digging Yankee Candles. This is something I got into about a month ago and trust me I thought I would be the last person to be into candles but I tried a few of the samples they had and was sucked in... I love these candles now. I usually get home and take all my makeup off and chill, watch a movie have some tea and light my candles it is such a nice way to relax in my room and they smell amazing. I got two in Rainwashed Berry this time, I love this scent it is a nice spiced fruity smell but also quite subtle. They come in different sizes for different prices but I managed to get mine for £9 each.


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