Thursday, 7 May 2015

Quick review ~Rimmel Apocalips Lip laquer

I am really into glossy lips right now so I went digging through my gloss collection and found the Rimmel Apocalips lip laquers. I bought them a while ago but never really used them. They go on real smooth and are really pigmented. I love the shape of the applicator it allows you to be in control of the application a lot better, it is a little loose (they move around a lot) but nothing too bad. You will have to build up the product to get a glossy finish but overall it is a really nice product.  I love the red shade of all of them. I am wearing the shade Nova on the left and Big bang on the right. I also own Galaxy but I am not really a fan.  The only thing I really do not like is the smell, ugh! I really hate that old lipstick smell and this is exactly what this smells like to me. other than that,  I like.  I bought mine from Superdrug for 6.99 each (I think).

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